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Ekiti Digital Summit partners with ImpactHER. ImpactHer, a non-profit organisation with the vision of empowering African female entrepreneurs by bridging the gender business financing gap so as to help African female entrepreneurs realize their full economic potential. With over 20,000 female entrepreneurs in over 80 countries impacted upon, ImpactHer is a force to be reckoned with when talking about female empowerment.

With commitment to not only training but also providing funding for female entrepreneurs, ImpactHer is visible on the financial heatmap of females.

ImpactHer is gearing up to train 2,000 female participants at the Ekiti Digital Summit 2021. The training will include various sessions geared towards strengthening participants’ entrepreneurial, creative and leadership skills.

This value-filled session will feature seasoned facilitators from the ImpactHER team and will be backed up by a widely recognized participation certificate.

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