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Ekiti State, Nigeria, is poised to become a hub of innovation and technological advancement, thanks to the annual Ekiti Innovation Summit (EKIS). This premier gathering of visionaries, innovators, and change-makers provides a platform for fostering creativity, collaboration, and the exploration of the infinite possibilities of innovation.

Ekiti Innovation Summit: A Catalyst for Growth and Sustainability

With a focus on fostering growth, sustainability, and community impact, EKIS 2023 serves as a gateway to a future shaped by innovation. The summit brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from diverse fields to discuss and promote innovation in Ekiti State.

Speakers in the Ekiti Innovation Summit 2023 include HE Biodun Oyebanji, Dr Kayode Fayemi, Dr Ola Brown, Seun Fakuade and a host of other great speakers.

Ekiti Innovation Summit: A Vibrant Ecosystem for Positive Change

The EKIS is more than just a conference; it’s a dedicated platform for discussing, promoting, and celebrating innovation and technological progress in Ekiti State. The summit’s focus spans technology, entrepreneurship, education, and government transformation, creating a vibrant ecosystem for positive change.

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Mission: Innovate, Ideate, Empower

The EKIS mission is embodied in three key pillars:

  • Innovate: The summit promotes innovation as the driving force behind positive change and improvement. It encourages individuals and organizations to embrace creativity, problem-solving, and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

  • Ideate: EKIS fosters ideation as a critical step in problem-solving, innovation, and decision-making. It encourages open-minded exploration of possibilities and the selection of the most promising ideas for further development.

  • Empower: The summit empowers individuals and groups with the knowledge, resources, and authority to take control of their lives or work. It fosters independence, confidence, and a sense of ownership, enabling individuals to overcome challenges and contribute meaningfully to their communities or organizations.

Vision: An Innovative Prosperity Hub

The EKIS vision is clear: to catalyze innovation, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable development in Ekiti State. The summit brings together visionary thinkers, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders to create a vibrant ecosystem of innovation that will propel the state forward.

Captivating Discussions, Masterclasses, and Showcases

The EKIS annual event features captivating discussions, masterclasses, and showcases on topics including the future of work, emerging technologies, and fostering collaboration among those passionate about driving positive change through innovation.

Be Part of the Innovation Revolution

Join the Ekiti Innovation Summit and be part of a movement that is shaping the future of Ekiti State and beyond. Register to attend the 2023 Summit at and experience the transformative power of innovation.