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Digital Marketing has now become the new oil. It (digital marketing) is the promotion of goods and services using the internet and digital means of communication. The Ekiti Digital Summit team has deem it fit to train over 15 youths on digital marketing. The training is tagged Accelerated Digital Marketing Certificate course. The training features both physical class and online (virtual) class.

Why the digital marketing training?

According to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2020, about 13.1 million Nigerian youths are unemployed. This worsen as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic that befell us. Many people especially, youths lost their jobs. 

So, the Ekiti Digital Summit team led by Sola Mathew Akinluyi organized the digital skills training to empower youths with digital skills for self-reliance.

The team partners with ImpactHER to train 2000 women on Google Digital Skills and JobberMan to train all participants on how they can stand out among the crowd with the right employability skills.

Over 15 students were enrolled in the first training. Here are testimonials by some of the students:

I got to know Goglobal solutions through the Ekiti Digital Summit program, to my amazement, since I began the Digital Marketing Training, my ignorance in the areas of Email Marketing, Content Development and Facebook/Instagram Ads has been lost and the right and appropriate knowledge gained.

In all sincerity and fairness, I recommend Goglobal Solutions to you as God-sent to you as you are assured to get more value that what you paid for and an avenue to be empowered for self sustainability…

Many thanks to Mr. Sola Mathew.

~ Emmanuel Olorunsola

Another student named Olufemi Olubode wrote:

I have known Sola Mathew from a distance but I engaged him personally during the lockdown for an online affiliate marketing. I heard about this (digital marketing) training in Goglobal solutions via Ekiti Digital Summit and I was keenly interested.

Interestingly, since I started I have learnt a lot like graphics design, email marketing, web design, Facebook marketing and so on… which is capable of improving my business and harnessing better opportunities.

I strongly recommend anyone who’s interested in learning digital marketing, you won’t regret coming and you will get more than the value of your money.

With what they have learnt, the students are on their way to having extra income and gaining financial freedom.

How Can You Enroll for the training?

Enrolling in the Accelerated Digital Marketing training is simple. You can use any of the following links below to register for either the physical class or the online class.

Here are some of the things you stand to learn when you enroll:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Web and landing pages design

What are you waiting for? Go and enroll now.

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